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OUTDOOR ADVERTISING: Fastest Growing Advertising Medium Over the Past Decade

Outdoor advertising has experienced a tremendous growth over the last 10 years, with a projected double-digit growth for 2022. A recent Nielsen research study has shown that 62% of consumers have noticed outdoor advertising in the last month. 65% of those viewers took action after viewing an outdoor board. 52% of consumers noticed ads that gave directions.


Best Exposure Based on Messaging Length of Time

According to a recent survey of 5000 individuals by SocialVibe,  83% of those surveyed reported that they saw 6+ Outdoor ads a day.  Over half remembered the message after seeing it 1-3 times, with 50% continuing to notice the same ad after one month. 80% reported glancing at the ad, while 54% would think about the message. 68% of those surveyed said it influenced their purchasing decisions.


Outdoor Advertising Drives More Online Activity Than Banner Advertising

A recent Nielsen survey asking participants about their online activity in response to advertising they saw on TV, Radio, Print, Banner Ads Online and Outdoor. Out of all the categories, including online banner ads, Outdoor performed best.  After seeing an outdoor board, 46% of participants reported they searched the advertiser online. 38% visited the advertiser's Facebook page.  25% visited the advertiser's Instagram account, and 23% visited the advertiser's Twitter account.


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